Behind the Light celebrates the journey of cohort 13 over seven weeks.

During this cohort we were privileged to work with visual artist Nina Dunn and her team who created interactive projection to complement the new choreography created by our dance artists Hannah Martin and Emma Waller. This resulted in an incredible new element to the performance. Wessex Girls: Wessex Boys company performed alongside the cohort dancers; the first time this has happened.

Cohort 13 first shared Behind the Light to a small audience at the Academy after just 3 weeks of working together.


Alex Danby
Samantha Dryden
Sophie Gilbert
Jessica Nicholls
Millie Page
Dennon Willsher
Amy Wright

Wessex Girls: Wessex Boys

Michaela Ace
Ellie Cant
Aston Delamont
Jade Haskett
Jayella King
Becky Knight


Hannah Martin
Emma Waller

Dance Artists

Becky Knight
Hannah Martin
Emma Waller

Production Design

Nina Dunn

Media Design

Nicola Plant

Video Systems

Gillian Tan


Broadway Project
Film Works vol1 and 2
Matthew Bourne
Bourne, Berridge & Bourne

Academy team

Clare Hobbs
Lorna Digweed
Dee Woolford


Tom Donaldson


Gareth Green


Dan Williams


Bread and Honey

A truly wonderful enjoyable evening.

Member of the audience

Speechless – once again.

Member of the audience