Nina Dunn

Award winning independent Video and Projection designer Nina Dunn creates integrated video and projection designs for Theatre and Live Events. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Nina to create the breath taking ‘Behind the Light’.

Yael Flexer

Yael Yael Flexer is an Award winning choreographer based in Brighton. Hannah Ballard was mentored by Yael to create ‘Cast’. We had the pleasure of welcoming Yael to the Academy when she came to teach Cohort 7 her piece ‘Weightless’.

Company Chameleon

Company Chameleon tour internationally to wide acclaim and perform over fifty outdoor and indoor performances a year. Everywhere they perform, they lead a dance class or workshop. As a result, they’ve introduced thousands of young people, from countries all over the world to a different side of dance and movement.
We were lucky to work with Anthony Missen the Co-Artistic Director of Company Chameleon when he mentored and supported Hannah Larkum to make ‘Fearless’

Chris Redmond

Chris Redmond is a poet, musician, producer and front man of Tongue Fu. He is a regular at music and literature festivals both nationally and internationally, he’s been featured on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 4, XFM, CBBC and Sky Arts.
Chris composed scores for two of our 3 week performances; ‘Let Go’ and ‘I’ll be seeing you in familiar places’.

Lila Dance

Lila Dance is run by three artistic directors who work with dance, physical theatre and music to create unique and meaningful dance experiences across the UK. We had lots of fun working with Lila to create ‘And in the next breath’ for Cohort 15.

Stopgap Dance Company

Stopgap Dance Company create exhilarating dance productions for national and international touring. They employ disabled and non-disabled artists who find innovative ways to collaborate.
We had the pleasure of collaborating with Stopgap to create Signs and Stories when they joined us during Cohort 12.

Gareth Green

Gareth works as a Freelance Lighting Designer and Production Manager; he has lit work and production managed for companies including Wired Aerial Theatre, London Contemporary Dance School, h2dance, Rick Nodine and Gecko.

Chris Copland

Chris is a lighting designer and production manager, he has worked extensively in theatre and dance since 1983.
We are lucky to have both Gareth and Chris design and produce our 3 week and Graduation performances.

Dan Williams

Dan has been a major force in the Academy since the first film he made for us in 2009. With his unique understanding of how the Academy works his films have become a major part of our artistic repertoire. His films have played a crucial role in young people and professionals understanding how the Academy works.

Bread and Honey

Bread and Honey is a boutique design agency headed up by Tom Allison. They have been involved with Wessex Dance Academy for 5 years. Their role helps get the message out about the powerful work we are doing. Previous clients include Marks and Spencer, Humberts and Tesco.

Tom Donaldson

Tom works as a personal trainer in Winchester and is an Orange Theory instructor at David Lloyd gym in Winchester. He delivers circuits to the cohort every week.

Lorna Chapman

Lorna works as a Yoga teacher in Winchester and we are lucky to have her come and share her practise each week with our new Cohorts.

It is a huge pleasure to work with the Academy over the past 5 years. The amount of energy Clare and her team put into helping turn these young people's lives around is exceptional.

Bread and Honey Design